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Enterprise customers can associate posts with campaigns as a way to measure social campaign performance. Associating posts with campaigns populates attributes (for example, predefined tags) on each post. You can then create post metric reports and filter metrics by tag or campaign. See Manage post tags.

Plans: Enterprise only

To compare specific campaign performance to that of the overall social account, metrics need to be aggregated at the post level (post-level metrics are metrics that begin with the word 'Post' in their name, like 'Post Likes' or 'Posts Table'). Only post-level metrics can be filtered by tag or campaign. You can view your campaign posts in the Post Performance view. See View your overall post performance.

Create a campaign performance report

  1. Go to Analytics analytics-icon.png.
  2. If the Analytics navigation is not visible, expand it, and the select New Report new report button.
  3. Select Custom Report from the categories at the top of the page, and then select Create Report.
  4. From the Metrics Library, select a platform or use the search bar to search for specific metrics (like those beginning with the word 'Post).
  5. Once you have identified the metric you want to add, select a compare or sort by option, and then select + to add that metric to your report. When you add a metric from the Metrics Library to a report, it is displayed in the recommended visualization. For a description of each metric, see Metrics in Analytics. For a description of visualization types, see Visualizations in Analytics reports.
  6. You can add additional metrics or close the Metrics Library.
  7. Point to each tile you've created, then select settings.
  8. Select Properties at the top of the Configure Tile window to enter a new title for the tile, select a compare or sort by option, change the visualization, or select a different size for your tile. If your data isn't displayed, increase your tile size.
  9. Select Data at the top of the Configure Tile window to modify the social accounts used for this tile's metrics.
  10. Select to filter by tag or campaign, and then close the Configure Tile window.
  11. Continue to configure each metric to filter by tag or campaign.

Metrics on posts published in the last 31 days will continue to update as you work. If you are a long-time customer, you can find Post metrics data for dates as early Oct 2, 2017.

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