Amplify Facebook Workplace integration


Integrate Hootsuite Amplify with Workplace by Facebook to enable employees to share content from where they're already collaborating.

This article is for organization admins. Before getting started with your Amplify and Workplace integration, we recommend reading the the admin articles for Amplify


  • A Workplace Admin account.
  • A Hootsuite Amplify account. Amplify must be enabled by your customer success manager. To speak to someone at Hootsuite about getting Amplify, request a demo.

Install the integration

  1. In Hootsuite, select More more-vertical.png in the top right corner of your Amplify stream, and then select Integrations.
  2. Select Connect next to Workplace. Workplace opens in a new tab.
  3. Review the permissions that will be granted to the Amplify integration in Workplace, and then select Install. You are redirected to
  4. Enter your Amplify admin login credentials, and then select Submit. You are redirected back to Workplace and the integration is installed.

Post Amplify content to Workplace groups

  1. Create a post and share it to Amplify.
  2. Select Edit at the bottom of the post.
  3. Turn on Send to Workplace.
  4. Select Groups, and then select the Workplace groups to send the post to.
  5. Select Post to share the post with the selected groups on Workplace.