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  Article updated: June 05, 2024

Changes to X (formerly Twitter) streams - June 30, 2024

X is removing support for their Followers and Retweets streams and for blocking or reporting users in Hootsuite Streams.

These changes mean that you'll no longer be able to create new X Follower and Retweets stream types in Hootsuite Streams and any previously created X Follower or Retweets streams will no longer update. You can still filter X streams by follower count (see Filter X or Facebook streams), follow or unfollow X accounts (see Follow or unfollow an X account) and like, reply, or repost in X streams (see Like, reply, repost, and message in X streams).

As new X changes roll out, you can rest assured that we'll keep you informed about any that will impact your experience in Hootsuite.


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