Work with a Hootsuite organization (Team plan)


With the Hootsuite Team plan, you can collaborate with others to manage your social accounts without having to share passwords. You can use organizations to enable team collaboration, streamline workflows, and to efficiently manage your company's social accounts. In addition, you can do the following:

  • Assign messages to teams for consistent messaging handling. For example, you may want to automatically route certain messages to your PR or crisis management team.
  • Share streams so your organization members can monitor the same content.
  • Invite collaborators to manage your social accounts without having to share passwords.

Plans: Team
Business and Enterprise plan members see Work with a Hootsuite organization (Enterprise and Business).

What is a Hootsuite organization?
A Hootsuite organization is an account structure that consists of individuals, teams, and shared social accounts. Each Hootsuite account can create one organization, but members can belong to multiple organizations and teams. For example, you could have an organization called Social Marketing that encompasses all of your social marketing team members. And in that organization, you could have multiple teams, like PR, customer support, and content strategists. These teams are a subset of members in the larger organization. Each of these teams may monitor a specific set of social accounts or be assigned specific workflow tasks in Hootsuite.

The level of access that organization members have is controlled through permissions. The user who creates the organization is that organization's super admin and has master-level management permissions. Super admins can grant additional organization members super admin permissions. For more information, see Manage permissions - Team plan.

Share your social accounts

  1. Select My profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
    profile, select social networks and teams
  2. Select Share a social network.
    share social accounts with team members
  3. Select the social accounts to share.
  4. Enter email addresses for the people you'd like to share social accounts with. Separate the emails using commas. Optionally, include a message. The members you've invited will receive an email invitation. If they do not have a Hootsuite account, they will be prompted to set one up.
    add members to share with others
  5. Select the permission level you'd like to grant the users you are sharing the social accounts with. You can select from the following options:
    • Editor - Can publish messages.
    • Advanced - Can publish messages and give others access to the social accounts.
  6. Select Share.

Once your members have been successfully added to your organization, they accept your email invitation, and they create Hootsuite accounts of their own, they are ready to go! Because you've already shared your social accounts with them, they don't need to add them to Hootsuite. Share the Getting started with Hootsuite guide with your new members to get them started working in Hootsuite.

Your team members can now do the following with your shared social accounts:

Manage your team

Access your team information and manage your team at any time.

  1. Select My profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
  2. Select Manage.
    manage an organization
  3. You can manage teams, team members, and social accounts from one place.
    manage team options

Tip: Share existing social accounts and add members to teams easily using drag-and-drop.

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