Troubleshoot an RSS feed


If your feed is already connected, but has stopped publishing new posts, use the following checklist to troubleshoot your issue:

  • Is the XML inside the feed broken? Visit to check if the feed will validate. If it doesn’t, contact the site providing the feed. See also Feed did not validate.
  • Does your feed format meet the RSS requirements listed here?
  • Is the social network profile posting the feed disconnected? If it is, reconnect the profile to your dashboard.
  • Has posting from the feed been paused in your dashboard RSS settings?
  • Is there any new content for the feed to post? RSS feeds only post new content. If a feed is new, it may not contain any entries yet.
  • Is each RSS post pointing to the same static webpage? RSS feeds that repetitively direct to the same web page mean new content is not available.

What if my feed did not validate?

If you see one of the following error messages after adding an RSS feed, there is likely an issue with the feed XML file, or with the website generating it. Reach out to the website providing the RSS feed, or fix the XML data if it is your own feed.

Error Explanation
Invalid content type set for this feed The Content-Type header data is not set to XML or HTML
Invalid response from URL The URL returns an http error (ex. 404 page not found)
Not valid XML data The XML data has issues
Not a valid feed The XML doesn't contain valid data of a supported feed type (RSS, ATOM)
Timeout while trying to read this feed There is a timeout while reading the feed contents
Unable to parse feed contents Our XML parser can’t read the data due to an issue with the XML
Unable to read contents at this URL No response from the RSS feed or another error connecting to the URL
Unexpected error occurred while trying to parse this feed Other failures in trying to read the feed contents
No items in your feed to check, or no items that contain at least a title and date/time