Troubleshoot an RSS feed


See Add, pause or delete RSS feeds if you are adding an RSS feed, or having issues while adding a feed.

If your feed is already connected, but has stopped publishing new posts, use the following checklist to troubleshoot your issue:

  • Is the XML inside the feed broken? Visit to check if the feed will validate. If it doesn’t, contact the site providing the feed. See also Feed did not validate.
  • Does your feed format meet the RSS requirements listed here?
  • Is the social network profile posting the feed disconnected? If it is, reconnect the profile to your dashboard.
  • Has posting from the feed been paused in your dashboard RSS settings?
  • Is there any new content for the feed to post? RSS feeds only post new content. If a feed is new, it may not contain any entries yet.
  • Is each RSS post pointing to the same static webpage? RSS feeds that repetitively direct to the same web page mean new content is not available.
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