Share stream content - iOS


Share content from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube streams to other apps that support sharing, including your email.

Copy the body of posts for sharing (text and links), or share a link from a post to include a link preview image, if one is available.

Share stream content

  1. Select Streams .
  2. Select a stream.
  3. Select more  on a post. In some streams you’ll need to select the post in the stream again to view the engagement buttons below each post.
  4. Select Share to Other Apps.
  5. Select the app you want to share the post content to.

Images are only included when sharing tweets, in the form of Twitter shortened links.

Share a link to another app

  1. In Streams , select a link in a post to open it.
  2. Select Share .
  3. Select the app you want to share the link to.

Copy a YouTube video link to your clipboard

  1. In Streams , select the My Videos stream.
  2. Select a video, and then select more  on the video.
  3. Select Copy Link.