Approve content for publishing (Business or Enterprise)

Content approvals are a Hootsuite Business and Enterprise feature for organizations. Team members can be given limited permissions so that any messages they send or schedule to their organization’s social networks have to be approved before the messages will publish, and will automatically be queued in the Require Approval section of Publisher.


important_icon_37x44.png Organization members with limited social network permissions for YouTube cannot upload content for approval.

Super admins, admins, team admins, and members with default team permissions, editor or advanced social network permissions can all approve, edit and delete messages. When there is a message ready for approval, they will all receive an email notification, provided they have these notifications enabled in their Settings.

Scheduled messages not approved before the scheduled publish time are moved to the Expired Approvals queue. These messages can be edited or deleted by those with the permissions levels listed above.

Scheduled messages rejected by or waiting for approval through the Nexgate integration will appear in the Rejected queue.

To approve a message

  1. Select Publisher Publisher icon.png from the launch menu.
  2. Under Publisher, click Require Approval.
  3. Hover your mouse over the message, and then click Approve pub_approve_dash_icon_21x21.png to send as is, or click Edit pub_edit_dash_icon_21x21.png to modify before sending.

Alternatively, Delete pub_delete_dash_icon_21x21.png.

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