Export your scheduled posts


You can export posts from the list view of the Scheduled or Past Scheduled sections of Publisher. Free Hootsuite accounts have access to the Scheduled list view only. Export into one of four comma-separated values (.csv) file formats. Google .csv files can be imported into a Google calendar.

Exporting scheduled or past scheduled posts does not affect (edit or delete) scheduled content.

Export scheduled or past scheduled posts

  1. Go to  Publisher planner-icon.png, and select the Content tab along the top of the calendar.
  2. Under Publisher, select Scheduled or Past Scheduled.
  3. Filter by profile(s) and select the accounts you will like to view scheduled posts for.
  4. In the list view, select the check box on the left side of the post(s), or select all by selecting the check box at the top of the list.
    List view is available in Past Scheduled for Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.
  5. Select Export to, and then select a .csv file and date format. Select a Google CSV if importing to a Google calendar.

Exporting all Past Scheduled posts exports the last three months of activity.

Publisher, exporting scheduled posts


  • Exported scheduled posts compile differently than a .csv file created to be uploaded.
  • Exported files for Instagram profiles won't contain the images from each post.
  • When importing to a Google Calendar, each CSV file must have a unique file name.
  • When importing to a Google Calendar, duplicate rows of data won't import.


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