Remove a social account


Removing a social account deletes it entirely from the Hootsuite dashboard. Past and currently scheduled content for that account will also be removed, as well as analytics data. For example, if you have a post scheduled to your Twitter and Instagram accounts but remove your Instagram account, the scheduled post will only publish to your Twitter account.

Important: Deleting a Facebook Page from Hootsuite also deletes any associated ad accounts.

To learn how to save content before removing the social account, see Export your scheduled posts.

Remove a social account

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
    The Social networks and teams option selected in the My profile menu
  2. Under Private Social Networks, select the gear icon on the social account, and then select Remove from Hootsuite.
    The remove from Hootsuite option selected after selecting the gear icon
  3. Select OK.

Remove a social account from an organization

Super admins, admins, and those with custom Remove Social Networks permissions for their organization to can remove social accounts from organizations.

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Social networks and teams.
  2. Select Manage beside the organization name.
    The Manage option shown next to a sample organization name
  3. Under Social Networks I Have Access To, hover your mouse over the social account, select the gear icon, and then select Remove from organization.
  4. Select OK.

Important: To fully disconnect Hootsuite from the social account, revoke Hootsuite access from the social account. To learn more, see Revoke Hootsuite access to a social account.

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