Mention a user or Page


You can mention Pages or users in your posts when publishing from the Composer. Published mentions are recognized in the social network as a hyperlink to the user or Page, and the user or Page mentioned will receive a notification of the mention.

The following can be mentioned from the Composer:

  • Facebook Pages (by other Facebook Pages)
  • LinkedIn Pages (not including Showcase Pages)
  • Twitter users
  • Instagram users (these mentions appear as plain text in Hootsuite but as live links when published)

The ability to mention Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, or LinkedIn Showcase Pages has not been made available to third parties like Hootsuite through the social networks’ APIs.

Note: Mentions in posts sent to more than one social network only appear as hyperlinked mentions in the applicable social network. In the other social networks, mentions are converted to plain text.

Mention a user or Page

  1. In the Composer, select your social networks, and then choose the social accounts to publish your post to.
  2. In the Text field, within the content of your post, enter @username to mention the user or Page.
    • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: A list of results appears. Select the user or Page name from the list.

      See Facebook's help article for reasons why a Page may not appear in search results.
    • Instagram: Enter a user’s exact @username and the hyperlinked mention will go live when published, but the @mention will remain in plain text in the Composer.
  3. Complete the other elements of your post, and then send or schedule as usual.
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