Mention a user or Page


You can mention Pages or users in your posts when creating new posts or editing scheduled or draft posts. Mentions are displayed in the social network as a hyperlink to the user or Page, and the user or Page mentioned receives a notification of the mention.

You can mention when creating a post:

  • Facebook Pages (can only be mentioned by other Facebook Pages)
  • LinkedIn Pages (not including Showcase Pages)
  • Twitter users
  • Instagram users (these mentions appear as plain text in Hootsuite but as live links when published)

Facebook and LinkedIn do not support mentions of Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, or LinkedIn Showcase Pages in third parties like Hootsuite.

Note: Mentions in posts sent to more than one social network only appear as hyperlinked mentions in the applicable social network. In the other social networks, mentions appear as plain text.

Mention a user or Page in a post

  1. When creating or editing a post, enter @username in the Text box to mention the user or Page.
    • Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn display a list of results. Select the user or Page name from the list.

      For troubleshooting Facebook Page selection issues, see the Facebook help article My Page isn't appearing in Facebook search results.
    • For Instagram, enter a user’s exact @username. The @mention remains in plain text when composing your post, but the published post displays the hyperlinked mention.
  2. Complete creating or editing your post, and then send, save, or schedule it.