Create a new report in Analytics


Create and customize reports from pre-built Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram metric templates. You can then export or schedule reports to be emailed to you. See Export an Analytics report.

Create as many reports as you need and delete the ones you don’t use. Your reports and report views are yours to customize. Other than shared reports, changes you make to reports only affect you (not others in your organization). See Share your Analytics report.

Business and Enterprise plan members can also create custom reports from scratch. In addition, Enterprise plan team admins can access team metric templates to measure team impact and efficiency in social support (see Analyze team performance).

Create a new report

There is no limit to the number of reports you can create. Hootsuite provides a number of templates. Each template includes a description and a list of the metrics to make report creation easy.

  1. Go to Analytics .
  2. If the Analytics navigation is not visible, expand it, and then select New Report new report button.
    analytics navigation
  3. Select your report type from the top of the page. Depending on your subscription, you can select from the following categories:
    • Getting Started (these are the standard overview reports described here: Overview reports and their available content).
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram Business
    • LinkedIn Pages
    • LinkedIn Profiles
    • Amplify
    • Team (for Enterprise customers with Team Admin permissions)
    • Insights
    • Impact
    • Custom Report
  4. Once you've selected a report, select Create Report. For Custom Reports, you need to select metrics from the Metrics Library. Reports are automatically generated and displayed for you to view or configure.

Add metrics to your report

You can add an unlimited number of tiles, but a maximum of 100 will display in a single report.

  1. Select the report that will contain the new tile from the Analytics navigation.
  2. Select Add metric at the top of the page to open the Metrics Library. Depending on your subscription, you can select from a number of libraries using the options at the top of the window.
    analytics metrics library add new metric
  3. From the Metrics Library, select a platform and browse for a metric or use the search bar to search for specific metrics (like those beginning with the word 'Post'). For a description of each metric, see Metrics in Analytics.
  4. Once you have identified the metric you want to add, you can customize the tile before inserting it into your report. Select Customize to enter a new title for the tile, select a compare or sort by option, change the visualization type (see Visualizations in Analytics reports), or select a different size for your tile. If your data isn't displayed, increase your tile size.
  5. Add the metric to your report. When you add a metric to your report, the Metrics Library remains open so you can select additional metrics to add to your report. When you have finished adding metrics, close the Add new metric window.