Extend social reach through Amplify employee advocacy


Note: Not an admin? See our articles for employee advocates.

Hootsuite Amplify is a brand advocacy and social selling app. It extends organizations' social reach by providing employees with preapproved content that they can share to their own networks. Amplify reduces risk to your brand and makes it simple to share company announcements and marketing campaigns. 

Audience: Admins

Understand your role as an admin

As an admin, you write, curate, and customize social content for employee advocates to share to their own social accounts. You also control the permissions for the teams they are a part of. To learn more about the Amplify experience from the perspective of an advocate, see Share your company’s social content with Amplify

Video: See Building an employee advocacy program.
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In addition to discovering, creating, and sharing social content, you may also need to manage the roles of other content contributors and advocates, edit your published content, and perform other management tasks. The following articles can walk you through each of these tasks: