Edit and optimize Insights search streams

Stream names and folders can be edited at any time. BUT, if you want to edit a stream’s search expression or filters, proceed with caution!

Narrowing a search stream's parameters will delete mentions that are no longer relevant. Widening search parameters to collect more results causes Insights to build a brand new search stream, so that all the stream's mentions now match the new search parameters.

important_icon_37x44.png This will re-calculate, or re-index, your mentions and metrics, and replace the collected data already in your stream.

For this reason, we recommend adjusting your search parameters soon after creating your stream to avoid losing data. Undoing an edit will not restore the stream exactly as it was, because the mentions and metrics previously collected have been deleted. Reverting to the original search parameters will collect relevant results from that point forward.

tip.png  Build and then export a report to capture your current Metrics data before making changes. Also consider building a new stream before, or instead of, editing your current stream.

Signals that existed before a stream edit will remain, but new Signals will reflect the new keywords. Mentions tagged before the stream edit will remain in your tag Activity.

To edit a stream

  1. Select the stream from the side navigation menu.
  2. Click Configure configure beside the stream name, and then click Edit Stream.
  3. Apply your edits:
    • Name/Folder tab: Enter a new stream name or select a new folder, and then click Save Changes & Apply.
    • Search Expression tab: Add or remove terms to the inclusion/exclusion fields, and then click Save Changes & Apply. important_icon_37x44.png This will replace your existing stream mentions and metrics!
    • Filters & Sources tab: Add filters or additional sources to your stream, and then click Save Changes & Apply. important_icon_37x44.png Adding filters will replace your existing stream mentions and metrics!

After editing the search expression, it may take up to an hour for the stream results to re-index.

Other ways to optimize streams:

  • To optimize stream results without editing the stream, hover over a mention, click the Delete arrow  and then select Delete to remove the mention, Delete author to remove an author’s content from your streams, or Delete domain, to remove content from a specific source. These deletions are permanent.
  • If a mention’s attributes (sentiment, language, location or gender) are indicated incorrectly, change it by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the mention, and selecting the correct value. These will be updated in your metrics.
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