Assign and manage tasks in Insights


Tasks improve productivity and aid in managing social media. Assign tasks to yourself or your team members for mentions that need to be followed up with later. You might assign tasks when you want a team member to reply or reach out to a mention, read an article, alter a mention’s sentiment, or promote a mention through your own social networks.

Assign tasks from Signals, Activity, or streams. Review currently assigned and completed tasks in the Activity activity section.

To assign a task

  1. Hover your mouse over a mention, and then click Add Task.
  2. Select the team member to assign the task to, select a task for them to complete, and add a description for context.
  3. Click Save.

The person assigned the task will receive an email notification.

To view all tasks

  1. Select Activity activity from the side navigation menu.
  2. Optional: Under Filter the Data, filter tasks by assignee, task category, and/or completion status.

To complete a task

  1. Select Activity activity from the side navigation menu to review tasks assigned to you.
  2. Click Mark complete on the assignment.
  3. Optional: Enter a note with details about the assignment's resolution.
  4. Click Continue.

You can also click Delete  on the task to delete it and remove the mention from the Tasks list.

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