Export an organization's content


Plans: Enterprise only

Enterprise customers can export a CSV file of all posts sent from Hootsuite within a specified date range. Exported links have unique parameters that are universally compatible, so you can import this custom data into any analytics tool. Then analyze your Hootsuite usage, or measure the effectiveness of specific social media campaigns.

Learn how to import and analyze data for custom purposes with Google Analytics.

Contact your customer success manager to set up data portability in your Enterprise account.

Export data

Super admins, or those with custom permissions to Manage Archives can export an organization’s data.

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Account settings, preferences, and billing.
    Account settings, preferences, and billing selected in the My profile menu.
  2. Select Data Exporting from the Account & Settings list.
  3. Select a date range, and then select Download.
    Data Exporting selected in the Account & Settings list, revealing the Download button