Troubleshoot sign-in issues


Following are the common issues and resolutions around signing into Hootsuite using an email address and password.

If you are trying to login to Hootsuite using a social account that is connected to your dashboard, see Sign in or out of Hootsuite. If your account is suspended, see Manage an overdue or suspended account.

I received and incorrect password or email address message

I'm experiencing password issues

Request a password reset to be delivered to the email address associated with your Hootsuite account:

  • Make sure you are using the email address associated with your Hootsuite account.
  • Check your spam and junk mail folders if you have trouble finding the reset password email. For more information, see Troubleshoot not receiving Hootsuite emails.
  • Pay attention to capitalization when entering your password. 

If you don’t have access to the email address tied to your Hootsuite account and you are a Free user, you can start a new account and reclaim your social networks using the following steps:

  1. Sign up for your free Hootsuite account.
  2. Take ownership of your social accounts and scheduled messages from the original account. See Overview: Add social accounts to Hootsuite.

Important: If you have a paid Hootsuite account, please contact our Support team.

I'm experiencing issues with Hootsuite recognizing my mail address

If you can not remember your Hootsuite account email address, or you're seeing an incorrect email address notification, contact our Support team for further assistance.

Tip: Make sure that your email address is spelled correctly. You’ll know if your email address is associated with a Hootsuite account if you’ve ever been emailed an invoice or received email from Hootsuite.

Request to use Single Sign-On

Enterprise account holders have the option of enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) so that team members can login to Hootsuite with their corporate credentials. You can select to log in using SSO.

Hootsuite sign-in screen

Important: For assistance with SSO, please contact your Enterprise account manager.

Other troubleshooting steps

  • Refresh your browser and try to sign in again. For more information, see Refresh your Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Clear your cache and try to sign in again. For more information, see Clear your browser cache.
  • Sign in from a different web browser. This can help you troubleshoot whether you are experiencing a browser-specific issue. 
  • Sign in from a different computer. This can help you troubleshoot whether you are experiencing a computer-specific issue.
  • Using a router? Connect your computer directly to your modem and try to sign in again.
    • If you can access Hootsuite, this could be an issue with your router’s firewall. Adjust your firewall to allow logins for secure sockets layer (SSL) and https protocol. Consult your router's help manual for instruction.
  • Sign in on a different computer from a different Internet Protocol (IP) address. If multiple computers cannot sign in from the same direct connection to a modem, it may be an issue with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
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