Troubleshoot issues with your social networks


If you are experiencing any issues with your social networks, such as not being able to post to an account or refresh a stream, the first troubleshooting step is to reconnect and reauthorize your account.

The connections between the Hootsuite dashboard and social networks can break and require reconnecting for different reasons, which can be as simple as software updates or password changes. LinkedIn, for example, automatically revokes third-party connections every 365 days as a security measure, so all profiles and Pages have to be reconnected.

Apps like Hootsuite can also be manually revoked at any time from the native social network.

The social networks themselves may also revoke access to Hootsuite if they detect the following:

  • Spamming: social networks may identify the same post being sent more than once as spam.
  • The same profile being accessed by multiple users in different locations: access may be revoked for security reasons.
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