Troubleshoot display issues


Before further troubleshooting, start with the following:

Refresh your Hootsuite dashboard (web browser)

Refresh Hootsuite in your web browser. This can be a beneficial first step when you experience a small technical hiccup like a loading issue.

Select the refresh button refresh.png in your web browser. 

Alternatively, you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac: Press SHIFT + COMMAND + R
  • PC: Press CTRL + F5

Clear your browser cache

The Hootsuite cache stores bits of website content to help optimize repeat image and page loading. When old content is stored in a cache and new content is available, the cache will try and serve the old content, which can cause a variety of loading issues. Clearing your Hootsuite cache deletes those temporary loading files. 

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Account settings, preferences, and billing.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Clear cached messages.

Clear browser data

Clearing browser data includes the following:

  • Clearing your browser cache
  • Clearing your browser cookies
  • Deleting your browser history

Use the following links to access instructions for your browser.

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