Promote events with Eventbrite


Promote events through your social networks directly from Eventbrite with the Hootsuite Eventbrite Extension.

Install the Hootsuite Eventbrite extension

  1. Within your Eventbrite accout, select an event to promote.
  2. Select Manage under the event name.
  3. Select Hootsuite Social from the bottom of the Extensions menu.
  4. Select Install App.
  5. Select Allow to give your app access to your Eventbrite data.

Now you're ready to promote events. Active events display at the top of the list. Select Display or Sort to find other events you would like to share.

Promote an event

  1. Select Promote  beside the event name, to add the event date and Eventbrite invitation URL to a Hootsuite compose message box.
  2. Select a social account and then schedule or AutoSchedule the message, or select Send Now. This functionality is identical to that of Hootlet.

Review summary statistics by selecting Track below an event’s Promote button. You will be directed to an Eventbrite report where you can view Total Sales, Orders and Attendees attributed to your promotion via the Hootsuite extension.

Tip: You can also see how many visits your promotion received by selecting Tracking Links under the Invite & Promote menu in your Eventbrite Dashboard.

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