Troubleshoot Hootsuite email issues


Inbound emails can sometimes get filtered into spam, junk, or trash folders. Check these first if an email from Hootsuite (like a verification email) is not arriving to your inbox. If you use Gmail, also check for verification emails in the Promotions tab of your inbox.

To ensure you receive all Hootsuite emails in your inbox, whitelist our addresses in your email client and in your firewall or other security settings (or ask your IT team to do this).

Whitelisting means marking an address as a known source that is safe to accept emails from. Depending on your email service, you can whitelist by adding the address to your Contacts, or to an Approved/Allowed/Safe Senders list.

Contact your email provider directly if you need assistance with whitelisting.

Whitelist the following Hootsuite email addresses:

  • (password reset emails, login verification emails, invoices, Hootsuite notifications)
  • (webinar access codes, webinar emails)
  • (newsletters, mailing list content)
  • (help ticket emails)
  • (auto-emails like analytics reports)

If you still have not received a Hootsuite email 30 minutes after whitelisting these addresses, contact our Help Center so we can troubleshoot with you further.