Using the Social Profile Picker

Hootsuite's Social Profile Picker is a powerful tool for efficiently sharing messages with your social networks. You’ll find it in the top-left corner of the dashboard beside the compose message box.


 Search social profiles

Quickly find the social profile you want by type-searching the username.

To find a social profile

Start entering the social profile username, and then select the profile from the results that populate. The number count in the right of the box increases as you select more social profiles.

 Pin social profiles

Try pinning the social profiles you use every day. This auto-selects the profiles each time you compose a message. You can deselect a social profile at any time, when you want to send a message to only a few social profiles.

To pin or unpin a social profile

Hover your mouse over a social profile, and then click the pin icon Picker_pin.png. An upright pin means the social profile is pinned; an angled pin means unpinned.

tip.png Temporarily deselect pinned social profile by clicking it in the list.

 Mark social profiles as favourites

Boost messaging efficiency by marking commonly used social profiles as favourites. This reorders your social profile list to display the favourites at the top for quick access, and eliminates having to scroll through the list.

To mark or unmark a social profile as a favorite

Hover your mouse over a social profile, and then click the star icon Picker_favorite.png. A yellow star means favorite; a transparent star means unfavorite.

tip.png Select all your favorites at once by clicking the Select arrow select and then clicking Favorites.

 Select social profiles by team

Members of teams in an organization can easily select all social profiles managed by that team in just two clicks.

To select social profiles by team

Click the Select arrow select and then select the team from the list.

 Add social networks

You can add social networks to your dashboard from your streams, your user profile and from the Social Profile Picker.

To add a social network

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your social profile list, and then click Add social network.
  2. Select My Social Networks or an organization name from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the social network.
  4. Click Connect, and then authorize the account.

tip.png  To quickly find the Add social network button, enter a series of letters (aaa) into the Social Profile Picker so that only Add social network appears in the list. Then press the Down Arrow key on your keyboard, and press ENTER.


Seamlessly move from the Social Profile Picker to the Compose Message box.

To toggle from the Picker to Compose

Toggle by pressing Tab on your keyboard.

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