Quick start guide: organizations

Streamline workflows and seamlessly collaborate between departments, regions and teams with Hootsuite Organizations.

Organizations contain social networks, teams and team members that can be set up to reflect the structure of your company for optimal management of your company’s social media profiles.

When you create an organization, you automatically become the super admin for that organization. Super admins can manage all aspects of their organization including adding and removing team members, adding and removing social networks, creating teams and managing permissions.

The following steps will walk you through setting up your organization.

Step 1: Create an organization

Manage multiple teams and all your business social media needs within one organization.

To create an organization

  1. Select your avatar from the top of the launch menu.
  2. Click Create an organization.
  3. Enter your Organization name, upload an image to represent the organization (optional), and then click Create Organization.

Step 2: Invite members, add social networks and create teams

Click Manage beside your organization name, and then invite members to your organization, add social networks so your members can start managing them, and create teams to collaborate on your social networks.

tip.png  Upgrade to Hootsuite Pro to add additional team members.

To invite a member

Click Invite Members, enter email addresses, and then click Add Users to Organization.

To add a social network

Click Add a Social Network, select a social network, click Connect, and then authorize the account.

To create a team

Click Add a Team, enter a team name, upload a team photo, add members and social networks, and then click Create Team.

See our Help Center article, Manage an Organization, for the complete processes.

Step 3: Customize permission levels

Set permission levels to determine what members and teams can access, and the actions they can complete. There are three categories for permission levels: organization, team and social network.

To customize permission levels

  1. Click Manage beside the organization name.
  2. Hover your mouse over the member, team or social network, click settings Permission_Settings.png, and then select Manage permissions.
  3. Select their permission level from the drop-down list.
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