Manage mobile notifications - Android


The following notifications are available on the Hootsuite mobile app for Android:

  • Instagram publishing notifications - To alert you when posts to your personal profile, or video posts, are ready to be published through the Instagram app. For details, see Create and publish an Instagram post.
  • Twitter mentions and direct message notifications – To alert you to Twitter profile activity when someone mentions you in a tweet or sends you a direct message.
  • Facebook Page post, comment, and reply notifications - To alert you to Facebook Page activity when there are new posts on your Page, or new comments or replies.
  • Approval notifications - For Business and Enterprise customers, to alert you to new posts that require approval, have been rejected, have been approved, or have expired.

When notifications are enabled, they appear within the app’s notification center. Notifications are kept in the notification center for seven days. The Instagram and Twitter notifications listed above can also be enabled as push notifications.

Important: To receive notifications, you must have notifications enabled in your device settings as well as within the Hootsuite app.

Notifications sync across all devices. They also sync with the web dashboard notification center, available to Business and Enterprise customers.

Enable or disable notifications in the Hootsuite app

  1. Select your profile picture  to manage your account.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Select Notifications settings.
  4. Select a profile, and then select the toggle for each notification type to enable or disable it. 
  5. Business and Enterprise customers will see an Approvals tab, where you can select the toggle on each notification type to enable or disable approval notifications. 

To enable a push notification, the corresponding notification center notification must also be enabled.

View notifications

  1. Select Streams .
  2. Select Notifications  in the top right.

Enable or disable Quiet Time (mute notifications)

  1. Select your profile picture  to manage your account.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Select Notifications settings.
  4. Select More  in the top right, and then select Quiet Time.
  5. Toggle Mute push notifications on or off.
  6. Select the quiet time during which you will not receive notifications.