Set permissions for Hootsuite - iOS


Enable the Hootsuite app to access other areas of your device like your Photos and Camera in your device's Settings.

Enable Hootsuite app access

  1. Select your iOS device Settings  app.
  2. Scroll to locate and then select the Hootsuite app. You will see a list of features that you can allow Hootsuite to access.
    • Select Location and then select While Using the App to be able to geotag (append your location to) tweets you publish from Hootsuite.
    • Select Photos and then select Read and Write to be able to access your photo gallery while composing posts in Hootsuite, and to be able to save images from Hootsuite streams to your device photos.
    • Select Camera to be able to take pictures to use in new posts you’re composing in Hootsuite.
    • Select Notifications to Allow Notifications from Hootsuite, like for posts needing approval, for Instagram publishing notifications, or Twitter activity.
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