View a Twitter user profile - iOS


Select any user's Twitter avatar (profile picture), including your own, in a Twitter stream to view their profile information. This includes their following and followers, lists, subscriptions, timeline, and posts they've liked. You can also follow other Twitter users from their profile.

View a user's Twitter profile (or your own)

  1. Select Streams .
  2. Select one of your Twitter streams.
  3. Select the user's Twitter avatar (profile picture).
  4. Select Followers or Following to view a list of users who follow them or who they follow.
  5. Select Follow/Unfollow to follow the user. If you have multiple Twitter profiles connected, select Follow or Following beside each to start or stop following the user with that profile.
  6. Select Mute  to hide the user's tweets from your streams for a specific length of time.
  7. Select Lists  to view a user's lists, memberships, and subscriptions.
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