Change your plan type


You can change your Hootsuite plan at any time to a plan type that best suits your needs. For detailed information on plans, see Overview of Hootsuite plan types.

If you’re upgrading to a paid plan for the first time and haven’t had a trial before, the Hootsuite 30-day trial gives you access to all the benefits of the Professional or Team plan for 30 days for free. Payment information is required to register for a trial. If you have already had a trial, upgrading your account's plan will take effect immediately.

About free trials

Only one trial is available for either the Professional or the Team plan. You can change from one plan to the other during the 30-day trial period, but the trial will not restart. Attempting to register for another free trial will upgrade your plan (without the free trial). You can review your payment information at any time (see Access and download invoices for more information).

Free trials transition to Hootsuite subscriptions at the end of the 30 days. They are billed monthly or annually depending on your selection when you registered for the trial. Accounts are billed at the beginning of a billing cycle; ensure a smooth transition by keeping your payment information up-to-date. To avoid unwanted charges, you can change your plan to a free plan before the trial expires (see Switch to a paid subscription from a free account for more information).

Change your plan type

Important: Any features not supported on the plan type you're switching to will be removed from your dashboard. This can include team members, additional social accounts, and their scheduled content.

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Manage my plan.
    The Manage my plan option highlighted in the My profile menu
  2. Select Change my plan.
    The Change my plan option highlighted on the Billing screen
  3. Select Compare Plans.
  4. Select a plan type, review the changes to your plan, confirm your payment information, and then select Downgrade/Upgrade My Account.

Upgrades take effect immediately. Downgrades take effect at the end of the current paid period so you can continue to benefit from all the features of your current plan until the end of the period.

Change from a Legacy Pro plan

Free trials for Professional and Team are not available to Legacy Pro plans.
See About the Legacy Pro plan.

  1. Go to My profile , and then select Manage my plan.
  2. Select Change my plan.
    The Change my plan option highlighted on the Billing screen
  3. Select Compare Plans.
  4. Select Upgrade now on the new plan type you want to upgrade to.
  5. Confirm your payment information and billing cycle, and then select a plan type.
  6. If account management is required, you’ll be prompted to select the team members or additional social accounts to keep with your new plan.
  7. Select Confirm plan change.

Upgrade to a Hootsuite Enterprise plan

Visit the Enterprise Plan page, and then select Watch a Demo Now.

One of our customer success managers will assist you with upgrading and onboarding to Hootsuite Enterprise.

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