Modify your invoices

Provide additional information in your account settings, such as a PO number, tax numbers or your company address, that you want automatically included at the top of your invoices.

You can also include a secondary account email address to be CC'ed on all emails, which can be useful when parties other than yourself (accountants, for example) are responsible for maintaining account information.

Billing addresses in countries where VAT is applicable will incur standard VAT charges on their Hootsuite invoices. Enter your VAT number to have VAT excluded from future invoices.

To update invoice preferences

  1. Select Settings Settings_icon.png from the launch menu.
  2. Click the Billing tab.
  3. Under Invoice Preferences, enter the additional invoice information you want included at the top of each invoice.
  4. If applicable: Enter your VAT number in the VAT Information field, and then click Validate.
  5. Click Save Invoice Preferences.

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