Hootsuite invoices


Hootsuite issues invoices based on your account subscription and term commitment. Services purchased as subscriptions are billed in advance on a monthly or yearly basis.

You can find all of your invoices and review your billing history in detail on the Billing page of your Hootsuite account. Billing history is available in the dashboard for all Hootsuite accounts that currently use, or have previously used, billable services.

Hootsuite invoices are emailed to the organization owner’s account email. To have a secondary email address also receive invoices for the account, add the email in the account settings. For more information, see Add information to your Hootsuite invoice.

Note: If you have a Hootsuite Business or Enterprise account, you'll need to contact your customer success manager to request an invoice.


Hootsuite invoices can be used for receipt purposes. They include corresponding payment line items for each charge. If payment was received upon invoice, the payment is listed on the current invoice. If payment was late, the payment is listed on the next invoice.

Access and download invoices

  1. Sign in to Hootsuite.
  2. Go to My profile , and then select Account settings, preferences, and billing.
    Account settings, preferences, and billing selected in the My profile menu
  3. Select Billing, and then select View billing history.
    The View billing history link on the Billing tab
  4. Select View Invoice to see your individual invoices in detail.
    The View Invoice option under Billing Info
  5. Print the invoice to PDF to download a copy of the invoice.

Read a Hootsuite invoice


  1. Account name and email address. To add additional information to past and future invoices, such as a business address, tax number, or PO box number, see Add information to your Hootsuite invoice.
  2. Invoices are generated and billed in advance of their billing period.
  3. Hootsuite’s tax numbers.
  4. Invoice date, account number, invoice number, and amount paid.
  5. Most invoices list a Balance Forward of $0.00, meaning that the prior billing period’s invoice was settled successfully.
    • If the previous invoice was not successfully settled, that amount is listed as the Balance Forward on the current invoice.
    • If the previous invoice was successfully settled but the payment was late, the Balance Forward, and payment for that balance, are listed on the current invoice.
  6. Each invoice lists separate line items for the new and renewing billable services for the current billing period, any applicable tax, receipt of payment for this invoice if successfully collected, and the final total.
    The final total will either say Amount Paid (if payment was successful) or Amount Due (if payment collection was unsuccessful).
    • Enter your own VAT number through your dashboard to have VAT excluded from future invoices. For more information, see Add information to your Hootsuite invoice.
    • You cannot currently update accounts with your own tax-exempt number. Please contact our support team for assistance.

Final invoices

When an account is downgraded, a final invoice (or Settlement of Accounts) is sent to the email address associated with the Hootsuite account.

The final invoice does not mean you have been charged an additional time. It instead provides the following:

  • A record of any final transactions that may have occurred after the downgrade and within the last 30 days (for example, late payments).
  • Confirmation that the account has been settled and has a $0 balance.

Not seeing a billing history in your account? Please contact our support team.

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