Paid (premium) app billing


The Hootsuite App Directory offers free and paid (premium) apps. Go to My profile profile-icon.png, and then select App directory to install or uninstall apps. For more information, see Install or uninstall apps from your dashboard.

Each app begins with a two-day trial period on the first installation. For this reason, proration is not offered for paid app cancellation.

Hootsuite Pro, Professional, and Team

App billing cycles sync with your Hootsuite sign-up date, so you are only billed for the days you have the app, and not an entire month. For example, if you sign up for Hootsuite on March 1, then add a paid app on March 15, you will be billed for the app from March 15 to March 31. In April you will resume a regular monthly billing charge for the app. If you have an annually billed Hootsuite plan, billing begins on your app install date, and is prorated until the end of your one-year commitment.


Table showing signup and billing period dates for a plan and two apps. Each billing period ends on March 31.

April 1 starts a fresh billing cycle, resuming regular monthly billing for each app.

Important: Avoid unwanted charges by cancelling unwanted apps two days prior to your billing date.

Hootsuite Business and Enterprise Plans

Paid apps are included for Hootsuite Business and Enterprise plan members.

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