Paid (premium) app billing


The Hootsuite App Directory offers free and paid (premium) apps. Go to My profile profile-icon.png, and then select App directory to install or uninstall apps. For more information, see Install or uninstall apps from your dashboard.

Each app begins with a two-day trial period on the first installation. For this reason, proration is not offered for paid app cancellation.

Hootsuite Pro, Professional, and Team

Paid (premium) apps are billed on a monthly basis only. App billing cycles sync with your Hootsuite sign-up date, so you are only billed for the days you have the app, and not an entire month. For example, if you sign up for Hootsuite on March 1, then add a paid app on March 15, you will be billed for the app from March 15 to March 31. In April you will resume a regular monthly billing charge for the app. 


Table showing signup and billing period dates for a plan and two apps. Each billing period ends on March 31.

April 1 starts a fresh billing cycle, resuming regular monthly billing for each app.

Important: Avoid unwanted charges by cancelling unwanted apps two days prior to your billing date.

Hootsuite Business and Enterprise Plans

Paid apps are included for Hootsuite Business and Enterprise plan members.