Schedule messages

Manually schedule messages to publish on a specific date and time, or let AutoSchedule schedule them for you. To schedule multiple messages at once, try the bulk uploader.

Select Publisher Publisher icon.png from the launch menu to view your currently scheduled or past scheduled messages in the Scheduled and Past Scheduled queues. Edit, reschedule or delete content from the Scheduled queue.

Posts to Instagram can be scheduled and AutoScheduled, but the publishing process is the same as sending now; at the scheduled posting time, a notification will be sent to your Hootsuite app, which you can open and publish through the Instagram app. Remember to make sure that the correct Instagram profile is signed in to Instagram.

Manually schedule messages

To manually schedule a message

  1. In the compose message box, click Scheduling Scheduling.png.
  2. Select the date and time to publish the message (12:00am is midnight, and 12:00pm is noon).
  3. Optional: Check the box to receive an email when the message is sent (for Instagram posts the email is received when the push notification is sent).
  4. Optional: Click View date in Publisher to review other content scheduled for that day.
  5. Click Schedule.


AutoSchedule messages

AutoSchedule schedules content for you based on optimal engagement times, your already scheduled content and your customized AutoSchedule settings.

important_icon_37x44.png AutoSchedule does not automate duplication of messages. It schedules each message once within the timeframe selected in your AutoSchedule settings.

AutoSchedule may post at different times depending on the network. For example, if AutoSchedule is used with Twitter and Facebook, the Twitter message could be scheduled for 11:30 A.M. and the Facebook message could be scheduled for noon.

Turning AutoSchedule on or off from the dashboard also turns it on or off in Hootlet.

AutoSchedule settings can be accessed in the Settings settings_web_icon_22x22.png section of the Hootsuite dashboard, or through the compose message box.

To AutoSchedule a message

  1. Select a social profile from the Social Profile Picker (top-left).
  2. Click Compose message, and then enter your message.
  3. Click Scheduling Scheduling.png.
  4. Click the toggle button to turn AutoSchedule On, and then click AutoSchedule.

To disable AutoSchedule

  1. In the compose message box, click Scheduling Scheduling.png.
  2. Click the toggle button to turn AutoSchedule Off.

To adjust AutoSchedule settings

  1. In the compose message box, click Scheduling Scheduling.png.
  2. Click AutoSchedule Settings Advanced link.png.
  3. Click to adjust AutoSchedule settings. Select the number of messages per day that AutoSchedule can post, the preferred posting time period and the preferred posting days.
  4. Click Save Settings.

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