Shrink links and customize link previews

Shrink links

Shrink a URL (link) in your message to save characters. Hootsuite uses by default to generate shortened links. These shortened links can also be tracked and measured with your Analytics.
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tip.png URL Click Stats - is a free report template available in the Analytics section of the Hootsuite dashboard.

To shrink a URL

  1. In the compose message box, place the cursor where you want to insert the shortened URL into your message.
  2. Click Add a link.
  3. Enter or paste a URL, and then click Shrink.

Customize link previews

Link previews consisting of a thumbnail image, title and description are generated for links posted to Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ Pages. These can be customized for Facebook and LinkedIn.

After shrinking a link in the compose message box, you can choose a thumbnail image to display in the link preview, or upload your own. The number of thumbnail options is determined by the webpage developer. You can also edit the title and description text published with the links.

important_icon_37x44.png Link previews for LinkedIn must include a thumbnail image, title and description. If any of these are removed, LinkedIn will fill in the missing data when posted.

To customize a link preview

  1. Select a social profile from the Social Profile Picker (top-left).
  2. Click Add a link, enter or paste a URL, and then click Shrink. A link preview will automatically generate.
  3. Click the left or right arrows on the thumbnail image to select a thumbnail, or click Replace image to upload your own image.
  4. Optional: Click in the link preview title or description to edit the text.

Note: Content library images cannot be used for link previews.

Images can be a maximum of 5MB in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png formats. Learn more about Facebook image optimization.

tip.png To post a link to a Google+ page and either Facebook or LinkedIn at the same time, select the other social profile from the profile picker before the Google+ page, so that link preview customization is available. The changes won’t impact the Google+ post.

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