Send Messages

Connect your social networks to Hootsuite, and then send messages via your profiles from one convenient place. You can select multiple social profiles from the Social Profile Picker to publish the same message to several profiles at the same time.

Note: LinkedIn Group posts have a character count maximum of 685, and up to 200 characters from those can be allocated for the post title. To separate the post title and body, add || (two vertical bars) after the title. Press SHIFT + bar_key.png on the keyboard twice to add vertical bars.

Example: This is the title of the LinkedIn post || And this is the content that will appear in the body of the post.

Without vertical bars in your post, the first 200 characters will populate in the title space and the remaining characters will post in the body.

To send a message

  1. Select the social profile(s) that will post the message from the Social Profile Picker (top‑left).
  2. Click Compose message, and then enter a message.
  3. Click Send Now.

Note: The Send button may change to Send (Delayed) after clicking if a message was posted to a large number of social networks. The messages should post after a few minutes.

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