Attach images to messages

Include images in your social media posts by attaching .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif files. The maximum file size for images uploaded into the compose message box is 3MB for Twitter and 5MB for the other social networks.

To upload an image for a custom link preview thumbnail, click here.

To attach an image to a message

  1. In the compose message box, click Attach media Attach_file_or_image.png.
  2. Click Select files to upload, or drag-and-drop file(s) from your desktop.
  3. Select the image(s), and then click Open.

tip.png  Click the timestamp on your posts in your Hootsuite streams to view them natively.

Uploading multiple photos to Facebook

When multiple images are attached to a Facebook profile or Page post, they get uploaded to the Timeline Photos album by default. Uploading to this album results in a separate post for each image.
(Facebook will create a Hootsuite Photos album if you've never uploaded photos to your Timeline before)

To keep your images in one post, select a different photo album to upload them to. Click Timeline Photos below the image thumbnails and then select a different album, or select New album to create a new one.

When posting to Facebook groups, there is no option to select a photo album, so each image will be posted separately.

important_icon_37x44.png  Due to an API limitation, images posted to LinkedIn profiles and groups are not uploaded to the social network directly. These images are hosted by, and will be displayed in LinkedIn profiles as link previews, and in LinkedIn groups as an link to the image.
Images posted to LinkedIn Company Pages do upload directly and display in-stream as expected.

Image notes:

  • Up to 4 images can be attached to each Tweet.
  • Images reserve 21 characters in LinkedIn posts.
  • Upload .png image files to Facebook and Instagram instead of .jpeg to avoid loss of image quality.
  • GIF files can be posted to any social network, but will only display as animated on Twitter and Google+. They display as still images on the other social networks, which is the same result when posting GIFs on the social networks natively.
  • LinkedIn images support a maximum width of 350 pixels. The height of any image uploaded to a LinkedIn Company Page will be scaled to fit a width of 350.
  • When uploading images to WordPress or Google+ Pages, one image will display in-stream, and the rest will display as links.
  • Are you seeing links when posting images to Twitter? Click here
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