View social profiles in Streams


You can view other people’s social network profiles by selecting their avatar (profile picture) or username in a stream. The profile information available depends on the social network.

Post history is also available for some social networks.

Note: Depending on a Twitter user’s settings, you do not usually have to be following them to view their profile.

View a user profile

  1. Go to Streams , and then select the board hosting the stream.
  2. Select the user's avatar or username.
  3. If available: Select the Posts or History tab to view the user’s post history, or another tab to view additional profile information. 

Add and view notes in Twitter profiles (Enterprise users)

Enterprise users can also view their interaction history with other users, and leave internal notes on Twitter profiles. Users within the same organization can view notes that team members add to a user's profile.

  1. Go to Streams , and then select the board hosting the Twitter stream.
  2. Select a Twitter username.
  3. On the Notes tab, select an organization. Any notes left about this user appear.
  4. Add your own note, and then select Save Note.

To delete a note, hover over it and then click the X.