Send social content via email


You can share social content by email to your contacts who may not be active in social media. Sending content to email creates a new email message containing the content, a link to the original content location, and an URL that the recipient can easily re-share through their own Hootsuite account via Easy Share, a Social Sharing page powered by Hootlet.

Easy Share is compatible with all web browsers and available for Hootsuite web and Hootsuite for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The steps in this article apply to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube 

Tip: If intended recipients are not receiving emails, they might need to adjust their spam filter settings.

Send content to email

  1. Go to Streams , and then select the board hosting the content.
  2. Select More Actions  below the post or comment, and then select Send to Email.
  3. Select an email account, and then log in. The content populates in a new email.
  4. Finish composing the email, enter the recipient(s), edit the Subject line (optional), and then select Send