Add social networks from Streams

Social networks for personal or organization use can be added from the Streams section of the Hootsuite dashboard.

Removing social networks must be completed from the User Profile section of the dashboard.

To add a social network from Streams

  1. Select Streams Streams_icon30x30.png from the launch menu.
  2. Click Add Social Network.
  3. Select where to add the social network to from the drop-down menu: My Social Networks or an organization.
  4. Select the social network from the list on the left.
  5. Click Connect with (social network).
  6. Enter your social network credentials, authorize the app permissions if applicable, and then click to sign in.

    For Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, select the profiles, Pages and/or groups to import, and then click Finished Importing. A green checkmark means it will import. Click again to deselect.

    Note: Already imported profiles will display a checkmark, and must stay checked to stay connected to your dashboard.

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