Transfer Hootsuite account ownership


When the owner of a company’s Hootsuite account leaves, they can transfer ownership of the account to someone else in three steps.

  1. Remove any personal social accounts that you don't want to lose access to (see Remove a social account for instruction).
  2. Update the billing information on the account to that of the new owner, if applicable (see Manage your Hootsuite plan and account for instruction).
  3. Update the Hootsuite account's user profile with a new username, email address, and password (see Edit your profile for instruction).

Important: Only one Hootsuite account can be associated with each email address. To use an email address that is associated with another Hootsuite account, you must first update that account email.

If you believe a Hootsuite account for your organization exists, but you don’t have access to the email address associated with the account, please contact our support team. We will ask you to provide additional information on the account to show that you are authorized to take it over, and to provide a new email address for the account. This email cannot be tied to another Hootsuite account.

If you do have access to the email address, you can reset the account password to gain access to the account. Then, update the email on the account (see Edit your profile).

Tip: Use generic email addresses for company Hootsuite accounts to avoid being locked out if the account owner leaves.