Create a geo-fencing profile in Enterprise (Legacy)


Geo-fencing profiles use geolocation to give Enterprise users the ability to delegate Facebook Page management, distributing targeted location and language responsibilities to specific team members when posting through the legacy composer. A member must have at least advanced social network permissions to create a geo-fencing profile.

  1. Go to My profile (profile-icon.png by default) in the bottom-left of the dashboard, and then select Social networks and teams.
  2. Select Manage beside the organization name.
  3. Hover your mouse over the Facebook Page, select the gear icon gear-icon.png, and then select Settings.
  4. Under Geo-Fencing, select Create Profile.
  5. Select an organization member, enter a country to geotarget, and then a language to target. When a country has been added you will have the option to specify State/Province or City.
  6. Click Save.  

Looking for geotagging or adding a location? Check out our overview on creating and publishing posts.