Add, Remove or Revoke Social Networks from User Profile

Social networks can be managed from the User Profile section of the Hootsuite dashboard through My Social Networks (for personal use) and through an organization (for company use). Both options will manage the following social accounts:

Twitter profiles Facebook profiles LinkedIn profiles
Google+ Pages Facebook Pages LinkedIn groups blogs  Facebook groups LinkedIn Company Pages

tip.png While social networks can be also added from the Streams section, they can only be removed from the User Profile section.

important_icon_37x44.png  Only those with Facebook Administrator permissions can add, manage and publish to Facebook Groups via Hootsuite.

 At least one of the following permissions are needed to add or remove an organization’s social network:

  • Super admin or admin at the organization level.
  • Admin at the team level.
  • Advanced at the social network level. 

 Add Social Networks

Here are some important points to remember when adding social networks:

  • Free users can add up to three social networks to their Hootsuite dashboard.
  • All LinkedIn accounts require reconnecting after 60-days of non-use.
  • A account can be added as an app from your App Directory.

To add a social network

  1. Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu.
  2. Click Add a Social Network in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard.
  3. Optional: To add the social network to an organization, click My Social Networks and select the organization from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the social network from the list, and then click Connect with (social network).
  5. Enter your social network credentials, authorize app permissions if applicable, and then click to sign in: For Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, select the profiles, Pages and/or groups to import. A green checkmark means it will import. Click again to deselect.

Note: Already imported profiles will display a checkmark, and must stay checked to stay connected to your dashboard.

  1. Click Finished Importing.

 Remove Social Networks

Social networks are removed through the User Profile section. This is a two-part process:

  1. Remove the social network from your dashboard.
  2. Revoke Hootsuite access from the social network.

This process will only remove the social network from your dashboard, not delete the social network account. It will also remove any scheduled content for that account. For example, if you have a message scheduled to your Twitter and Facebook accounts but remove your Facebook account, the scheduled message will only post to your Twitter account.

To remove a personal social network

  1. Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu.
  2. Under My Social Networks, hover your mouse over the social network, click the gear icon org_gear_icon_29x28.png, and then select Remove from Hootsuite.
  3. Click OK.

To remove a social network from an organization 

  1. Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu.
  2. Click Manage next to the organization name.
  3. Under Social Networks I Have Access To, hover your mouse over the social network, click the gear icon org_gear_icon_29x28.png, and then select Remove from organization.
  4. Click OK.

 Revoke Hootsuite Access from Social Networks

Fully disconnect Hootsuite from your social networks by revoking access. 

To revoke Hootsuite access to your Twitter account

Sign in to Twitter using:, and then click Revoke access next to Hootsuite.

To revoke Hootsuite access to your Facebook account

  1. Log in to Facebook using:, hover your mouse over "Hootsuite", and then click Remove (X icon).
  2. Optional: Click to select Delete all your Hootsuite activity on Facebook. This may take a few minutes.
  3. Click Remove

To revoke Hootsuite access to your Google+ account

  1. Sign in to Google using:
  2. Click Hootsuite, and then click Revoke Hootsuite on the right.

To revoke Hootsuite access to your LinkedIn account

Sign in to LinkedIn using:, click Hootsuite, and then click Remove.

To revoke Hootsuite access to your Instagram account

Log in to Instagram using:, click Revoke Access across from Instagram for Hootsuite, and then click Yes.


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