Create an organization

Organizations contain teams, team members and social networks, which can be tailored to create a hierarchy of Hootsuite users that reflects the hierarchy and structure of your own company within the Hootsuite dashboard. The level of access that organization members have can be controlled with permissions.

Some of the benefits of an organization include being able to assign messages between teams for consistent messaging collaboration, sharing streams for monitoring the exact same content, and inviting collaborators to manage your social networks without having to give the passwords for your social profiles to every team member.

Each Hootsuite account can only create one organization. Users can, however, be members of multiple organizations.

The user who creates the organization in their dashboard is its super admin, with master-level permissions for managing the organization, teams, team members, social networks and permissions. A super admin can give other organization members super admin status as well.

To create an organization

  1. Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu.
  2. Click Start collaborating with others or Create an organization in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard.
  3. Enter an Organization Name, upload an image to represent the organization (optional), click to Add Social Networks (optional), and then click Create Organization.

Only social networks already in your dashboard can be added to the organization when you create it. Add additional social networks to your organization after it is created.

Now from the organization view you’re ready to build out your organization. We recommend doing so in this order:

  1. Add social networks to your organization
  2. Create teams to manage your social networks
  3. Add your social networks to your teams
  4. Invite team members to your organization
  5. Customize organization permissions
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