Insights Settings FAQ (Legacy)


This article contains frequently asked questions about using Insights. 

How do I get access to a different View?

Users with Observer, Contributor and Supervisor permissions only have access to one view. Talk with an admin on your account to get access to a different view. Admins can learn how to switch views here.

How many Views can be added to an account?

Account admins can add as many views as they want, but too many could make the product start to feel cluttered.

How can I adjust Insights to reflect my timezone?

For scheduling posts to connected social accounts, Insights will detect your timezone through your browser's timezone. Mentions, signals, and metrics are all based on GMT.

How can I change my picture in Insights?

When you sign in to your account, you'll see a spot next to the welcome header for a picture. To generate that picture, Insights uses Gravatar, which is a globally recognized avatar. Gravatar profiles can be used as avatars (profile pictures) on any Gravatar-enabled site.

Create your Gravatar account here Gravatar is owned by WordPress, so you will need to create or sign in with a WordPress account. The WordPress account email must match your Insights account email, or you can add a new email in your Gravatar settings.

After you sign up for Gravatar, upload an image to your Gravatar account, and then refresh the Insights app.

How can I request to cancel my Insights account?

If you'd like to request cancellation for your Insights account, please reach out to your account manager, and they can discuss the process with you. Please note that request for cancellation is subject to your current subscription term.