App directory FAQ


This article contains frequently asked questions regarding integrating apps with Hootsuite.

Can I sign in to an app with more than one account?

Most apps with app streams will allow you to connect more than one account in separate streams in your dashboard. Some, however, will only allow one account to be used in the dashboard.

Most plugin and content source apps will only allow you to connect to one account at a time in the dashboard.

What is the difference between plugin, stream, content source, and media library apps?

The differences in app types are in the way that they integrate with Hootsuite, which depends on the extra functionality that they provide.

App plugins allow users to send content from their social account streams to partner apps, such as Zendesk and Evernote. Plugins are added to the drop-down menu of each post within certain social account streams. From there, you can select to send content to a partner app.
The more actions icon selected on a tweet in a stream, revealing a list of installed app plugins

App streams allow users to bring content from partner apps into the Hootsuite dashboard as streams. Additional tools for the apps are available in-stream. For some apps this includes the ability to publish the content to social accounts by way of the publisher tool. The majority of Hootsuite apps have app streams available.
The Cloudview for Hootsuite app, which is integrated as a stream to access your google drive in Hootsuite

Content source apps let users add their existing image repositories to Hootsuite to easily add images (JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG) to social posts and consistently share assets across teams. Content sources can be accessed under Content in the Publisher planner-icon.png section of the dashboard.

Media library apps can be accessed from the Composer to easily access and attach approved media assets to your social posts. Select Open Media Library in the Composer, and then select the Free Images drop-down to access your installed Media Library apps.
The media library drop-down selected, revealing a list of installed media library apps

Go to My profile , and then select App directory to open the app directory. Select Filter by app type to explore the apps available of each integration type.

Does the app directory support secure mode?

Hootsuite's app directory does support secure mode. Some of the earlier apps will require an update to fully support it.

How can I create my own app?

Visit our Developer page to learn more about Hootsuite’s APIs and explore our other developer resources.