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  Article updated: September 29, 2023

Issues with Twitter Streams - Sept 18, 2023

X (formerly known as Twitter) is making changes to rate limits that impact Twitter streams. As a result, you may have trouble loading and searching Twitter streams in Hootsuite.

Our development team has reached out to X’s team to collaborate and expedite the resolution of this issue. In the meantime, if you are seeing problems with your Twitter streams, we recommend you try the following:

  • Verify your X profile - Ensure that your X profile is verified, as verified profiles typically have a higher rate limit than unverified ones.
  • Access X from one place - Whenever possible, access X from a single source or device. Multiple tabs or devices accessing X concurrently can contribute to hitting X's rate limit.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work to resolve this matter. We will provide further updates as we make progress.

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