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  Article updated: December 21, 2023

Changes to X mentions and location - Sept 18, 2023

X (formerly known as Twitter) is making changes to that will impact Composer and Streams features specific to mentions and location names.

These changes mean that you'll no longer be able to do the following when composing X posts or working with X Streams in Hootsuite:

  • Search for users to mention when composing an X post. When you start typing a mention, you won't received "suggested" mention options.
    • You can still mention a user by typing their full @username in the post but the mention won't show up as a link in Composer or Planner. The mention will be linked in X.
  • Add a location when composing a post.

In addition to the previous changes, the search functionality in X Streams will be temporarily unavailable. We will relaunch X search Streams to restore this functionality early this fall.

As new X changes roll out, you can rest assured that we'll keep you informed about any that will impact your experience in Hootsuite.


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