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  Article updated: June 13, 2024

Assign Inbox 2.0 permissions

Control management of your Inbox messaging with permissions. You can control off-brand or accidental communications by assigning specific accounts to teams or members.

Audience: Inbox 2.0 admins

Assign social account permissions

Social account permissions determine who has access to Inbox 2.0 features in your organization and who can reply to conversations. These are set for each social account that a member has access to.

All members with access to the social account can manage conversations (add topics or tags, assign a conversation, set as pending or resolved).

Each social account permission level can do the following in Inbox 2.0:

Inbox 2.0 permissions by role
Inbox 2.0 permissionsCare SupervisorCare AgentAdvEditorRespondLimit
Manage conversations
Reply to public messages

Reply to private messages

Social media actions (follow contacts and like, hide, repost, and delete messages)  
Take conversations from other agents 
Mask messages   
Bulk resolve conversations    
Manage member social network permissions     
Manage ad accounts     
Promote posts for the Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, or Instagram Business account     
Manage social network profile     
Manage contacts    
View private streams   
Approve and reject messages    
Publish messages    
Requires approval before publishing messages    

Important: Because approval workflows are not available for publishing to YouTube, members assigned the Limited role do not have access to your YouTube social accounts.

Manage organization, team, and social account permissions

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Manage accounts and teams.
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Point to a member, team, or social account, select Settings , and then select Manage permissions.
  4. To grant custom permissions, select Custom, select the permissions, and then select Save. Point to Information for details on each setting. Learn more about custom permissions.
    Custom social network permissions.


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