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  Article updated: August 11, 2023

Add a Twitter account

Add a Twitter profile to Hootsuite to manage it from the same place as your other social media accounts. When you add a Twitter account to Hootsuite, you can publish to it, engage with your audience, create reports, and more.

Super admins, admins, and those with custom organization permissions to Add Social Networks can add social accounts to organizations.

Watch Introduction to Twitter to learn about Twitter. Visit Hootsuite Academy to watch more videos, take courses, or earn industry-recognized certifications.

Add a Twitter profile

Web Mobile
  1. In a separate browser tab or window, log out of Twitter.
  2. In Hootsuite, go to My profile, and then select Manage accounts and teams.
  3. Professional plans: Select + Private account.
    Team, Business, and Enterprise plans: Select Manage beside your organization name, and then select Add a social network.
  4. Select Twitter.
  5. Enter the Twitter account credentials (username and password) and then select Sign In.
    Using a Google or Apple sign-in is not supported when connecting to Hootsuite. You'll need to generate a password by going to the Twitter login page and selecting Forgot password.


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