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  Article updated: June 08, 2021

Manage notifications (Business and Enterprise)

Stay on top of social activity and post approvals with the notification center . You can customize your notifications per profile so you can be alerted on activities that matter to you. You can then engage with that activity right from the notification center. When there is new activity on the social accounts you monitor on Hootsuite, or there is an approval that requires your attention, the notification center will display a red badge icon . Select it to see an actionable list of activities.

  • From the notification center, you can select any notification to open it, view a full conversation around it, and see any existing assignments. You can engage from here just like you can in Streams.
  • Select an approval notification to navigate to Publisher and take action on it. For more information, see Approve posts from team members.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

For information on managing your email notifications, see Enable or disable email notifications.

Customize your notifications

Social notifications for entire social networks can be turned on or off. If they are on, you can customize them at the individual profile level.

  1. Select Notifications, and then select Settings.
    Notification menu with settings button highighted
  2. Select your notification options.
  3. Select Edit next to Message Approvals to customize your product notifications. From here, you can also select your social accounts to customize notifications by account.

Notifications are available for post approvals, Instagram publishing reminders (if you use the mobile notification option), as well as for Twitter and Facebook activity. Notifications for Instagram remind you at the time a scheduled post is ready to be published. For more information, see Create an Instagram post.

Up to 200 notifications from the past 7 days are available in the notification center. When the maximum is reached, old notifications will be removed to make room for new ones.

Approval notifications in the notification center are managed separately from email notifications. For more information on email notifications, see Manage email notifications.

The following product notifications are available:

Message approvals

  • Message requires my approval
  • Message was rejected in pre-screening
  • Message is rejected
  • Message is approved
  • Message has expired


  • Publishing reminders


  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages


  • Comments and Replies
  • Posts to your Page