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  Article updated: September 15, 2022

View and respond in Assignments

Important: In December 2022, we’ll be removing Assignments from all Hootsuite accounts. Read about this change. Assignments is not available for Hootsuite accounts created after July 7, 2022.

Handle social network interactions quickly with Assignments. After you’ve assigned posts or comments to yourself or team members, they appear in Assignments . Here, your team can see them, collaborate with other team members, and engage with your audience and customers.

Plans: Team, Business, Enterprise
Enterprise users can use Hootsuite’s automation tool to automatically assign posts with keyword-based rules.

View assignments

  1. Go to Assignments.
  2. If you belong to more than one organization, select the organization from the menu at the top.
  3. Select a preset or saved filter from the list on the left. You may need to scroll to see all of your filters.
  4. Refine your filter by selecting any of the blue filter elements along the top.
    To save this custom filter for future use, select Save filter at the top, enter a filter name, and then select Save Filter.
    Save filter area with assigned by selected showing options.
  5. Select More at the top of the assignment list to sort it by oldest or newest first.
  6. Review items in the list to see the social network and author of the post, how old it is, and its assignment status. The icon on the right indicates whether the content is a tweet, direct message, Facebook post, or Facebook comment.

    Tip: The color of the banner at the top of an assignment’s detail view indicates its status.

    • Orange = Assigned and awaiting action
    • Blue = Replied to, but not yet resolved
    • Green = Resolved
  7. Select any item in the list to see a detail view on the right, including the full message, its assignment state, whether it is a post or comment, and an audit log of its assignment history and contextual notes.

Tip: To save some space on your screen, select Hide filter at the top.

You can take further action on a selected post, including:

  • Liking or retweeting it, or sending it to email or Amplify, by selecting More in the top right.
  • Adding tags for use by your team by selecting the tag icon.

Respond to an assignment

  1. Go to Assignments and select Assigned to me from the preset filter list.
  2. Select an assignment from the list.
  3. At the bottom of the detail view, enter a comment or reply in the text field.
    For Twitter replies, you can select Reply or Direct Message below the text field. To send the reply from a different Twitter handle, select the profile icon to the left of the text field.
    Reply field showing the options for Reply or Direct Message.
  4. Select Send.


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