Manage social accounts in a team or organization

Once you've created your Hootsuite organization and your teams, you can share social accounts with them so that multiple team members can collaborate on managing those accounts (for information on Hootsuite organizations, see Work with a Hootsuite organization (Business and Enterprise plans)). Super admins and admins can manage account sharing and team admins can re-share social accounts previously added to the team. The same social account can be shared with multiple teams.

Plans: Business and Enterprise. For instructions on how Team plan members can share accounts, see Work with a Hootsuite organization (Team plan).

Share a social account with a team

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Social networks and teams.
    My profile menu with social networks and teams highlighted
  2. Select Teams.
  3. Select a team, and then select Add a social network.

Tip: Share existing social accounts and add members to teams easily using drag-and-drop.

Manage team and organization social accounts

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Social networks and teams.
  2. Select Manage.
    manage area for a sample organization with Manage button highlighted
  3. Point to a social account, and then select Settings. From here, you can view social account details, add a social account to a team, edit settings and permissions for the account, and remove the account from the team or organization.
    social account in an organization with settings selected showing options

Removing a social account from a team only removes it from the team; the social account will continue to exist in the organization. When you remove a social account from an organization, you delete it from Hootsuite. Past and currently scheduled content for that account is removed, as well as any analytics data associated with the account.